About ACE medical devices

Ace Medical Devices was founded by Indian entrepreneur Vikas Sethi in 2008, with the ambition to put India on the map as a prime destination for the manufacturing of high-quality medical disposables and advanced medical devices. The strategy of Ace was to deliver world-class products at competitive prices through a relentless focus on innovation, scale and efficiency.

Over a decade later, Ace Medical Devices has earned a solid reputation of delivering consistent quality and putting safety first, second and third, while still maintaining its competitive edge.

'The business of medical devices is different from other types of manufacturing', says Sethi.
'There is simply no room for error - none. Our relationship with clients and distributors around the world is based on the understanding that every single ACE product is reliable. This is why every step of our manufacturing process has multiple quality controls in place'.

An expanding portfolio

Driven by client demand, the initial focus of Ace Medical Devices was on products in the fields of urology, gastro-endoscopy and surgery, areas that still make up the largest share of Ace’s product portfolio. But as its network of clients and distributors grew, so did the demand for more innovative and customised products, and Ace turned its attention to supplying clients with innovative concepts and novel solutions for complex problems. .

'The world is our market, and it’s a very competitive place,' says Sethi. 'But that’s a good thing. There is no such thing as a local market for medical disposables or advanced medical devices, and that means that our quality standards are international as well. After shipping hundreds of thousands of products, I can say that our methods are proven, but there will always be new challenges and opportunities ahead. Our team welcomes them with open arms'.

At this moment, Ace has over 30 different products readily available, plus an expanding portfolio of exclusive and custom products created in close cooperation with distributors and end customers.

Low cost with high scalability

It is a misunderstanding that India, like China, is mostly chosen because of its cost advantage in manufacturing. 'Nobody objects to lower prices, but never at the expensive of reliability. In the medical sector, there can be no trade-offs, safety and clinical efficiency are pivotal. It’s true that for some of our smaller clients the lower cost is their greatest advantage of working with Ace, but for many of our larger customers, the main advantage is our ability to move quickly, scale up and customize production to a level that would be very difficult to achieve back home'.

Ethics and quality control

According to Sethi, trust is key to all of his business relationships. 'If there is one thing I have learnt over time, it is that trust is the highest currency. Our clients want their supplies to be taken care of, so that they can focus on the rest of their operation. You cannot do that unless you are dealing with an experienced supplier with a reputation of ethical business practises that focuses on long-term relation building. When a shipment arrives with the logo of ACE Medical Devices on it, our clients have complete peace of mind - that’s the character and standing that we’re proud of'.