Used to collect tissue endoscopically for histologic examination and/or for foreign body retrieval. Supplied Sterile in a peel open pouch.

The Ace Disposable Biopsy Forceps is intended to take tissue sample for Biopsy from the Gastrointestinal tract through a gastrointestinal endoscope.

  • Biopsy forceps 6
  • Biopsy forceps 4
  • Biopsy forceps 5
  • Biopsy forceps 2

Key Features

  • India’s first and only manufacturer of high-quality Disposable Biopsy Forceps.
  • Easy opening and closing of the biopsy forceps even within the angled endoscope
  • Minimized friction for trouble – free passage through the working channel of endoscope
  • Smooth sheath with perfect strength and flexibility for advancement and control during scope passage through a torturous anatomy
  • Clean and Precise tissue cut – no tearing, no crushing of tissues.
  • Quality, reliability and peace of mind
  • Available as Serrated (Alligator), Oval Cup, Standard types with and without Spike
  • Available in multiple lengths to accommodate various procedural requirements


  • Size

    Diameter 1.8, 2.3mm

    Length 70, 100, 150, 170, 210, 230, 250cm

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