Bladder Evacuator

Bladder Evacuator

The ACE BLADDER EVACUATOR (Ace BVac) is intended to be used for evacuating irrigation solutions, blood clots, tissue collection and/or straining functions during prostate surgery or bladder surgery. Designed for single use only.

The ACE BLADDER EVACUATOR  (Ace BVac) includes:

  • Bottle with pre-attached cap and one way filter
  • Tubing Nozzle adaptor for Storz/ Wolf/ Olympus/ ACMI resectoscopes
  • End cap

  • Bladder evacuator 1

Key Features

  • Excellent throw and suction
  • Single hand use for excellent eye-hand co-ordination
  • No PVC or Phthalates
  • Single Nozzle adaptor for Storz, Wolf, Olympus, ACMI and Scholly Resectoscopes.

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