Cutting Loops are used to remove prostate tissue in the form of small chips during TURP procedures. Product supplied Sterile and single use only.

Trans Urethral Resection of Prostate (TURP) is a procedure done by urologists to reduce the size of the prostate gland, entering through the urinary tube (opening in the penis) of male patients. The prostate gland forms the opening at the end of male bladder, which allows the passage of urine from the bladder to the outside, through the Urethral canal in the penis. When the prostate gland becomes enlarged, passing of urine becomes difficult and it is then necessary to remove a portion of the gland so that the opening can be enlarged for proper urine passage. The enlargement can be done by cutting small slivers of the prostate or by vaporisation or both. Varying electrodes, inserted through the working element of a Resectoscope, are used for varying purposes.

  • Hf electrode   cutting loop

Key Features

  • High quality PTFE insulation.
  • Designed to be used with monopolar current.
  • Each electrode individually tested for High Frequency leak test.
  • Compatible with standard resectoscopes.


  • Size

    Diameter 24Fr


Compatible with

  • STORZ 1 Stem, 30 Degrees Instrument
  • STORZ 2 Stem, 30 Degrees Instrument
  • WOLF 1 Stem, 25 Degrees Instrument
  • OLYMPUS 1 Stem, 12 Degrees Instrument
  • OLYMPUS 1 Stem, 30 Degrees Instrument

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